Sensational Sixty

Beverly Photo 1 for Cancer Council Exhibition

Sensational Sixty is a website and social media outlet aimed initially at women who are over sixty or fast approaching sixty to encourage them to see the opportunities and to seize those opportunities rather than focusing on the negatives.  The website will include topics such as Fitness and Wellbeing,  Adventures and Travel, Sexuality and General Discussion.  As well as sharing my perceptions, views and knowledge, I will also invite contributions from experts in these fields to contribute blogs within the framework of the website. 

The most important ingredient to a happy, healthy, fulfilled joyful life is BALANCE. What do I mean by balance? My definition is the correct mix between work, family, friends, exercise and pleasure. To achieve optimum balance it is important to recognise the need for “me” time. “Me” time is not selfish it makes you a more rounded individual and better equipped to handle the complexities of everyday life.  It is easy to become isolated within the home or family and my aim is to encourage, stimulate and motivate positive change and growth. To extend your self imposed boundaries and limitations and truly live life fully. 

I enjoy being in my 60’s perhaps because I don’t feel sixty. I am fitter than I was in my 30’s, look several years younger than my biological age and because I embrace and love life appear much younger.  Like me your childbearing, child raising days are past, we are approaching retirement or moving towards achieving a more balanced work/life scenario. For those in a committed relationship you are looking forward to fulfilling the dreams and plans for this stage of your lives and should be openly communicating with your partner so the transitions required are seamless.  If you are single either through the death of a partner, divorce or choice, do you want to invite the right person into your lives for this exciting chapter or are you happy being single? We have earned the right to chose what suits us at this stage of our live. 

My sixtieth year was an interesting year full of shared challenges, adventures, laughter, joy and change. I look forward to sharing the stories from that year with you and what I have been up to this year, plus what I have the planing pipeline and my daily life which is far from dull. 

If we are fit, healthy and positive or motivated to be so our sixties can be the best years of our lives.

Looking forward to sharing this exciting journey with you.