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I was a very timid, placid child who had a number of fears and insecurities. In fact I preferred to immerse myself in books or escape into my rich and colourful fantasy world which was fuelled by reading too many Famous Five books. Up until a few years ago I had an acute fear of heights and could never imagine that I would ever be able to undertake any of the adventure activities I recently have. The fear is still there but it serves more now to give me a healthy respect for the possible dangers and makes me a little more cautious. I hope that I control it, not that it controls me. My problem is I over analyse or think of every possible scenario of what could go wrong and I need to have trust and faith in my abilities. I am not afraid to admit that there are adventures and activities I have no interest in doing such as parachuting or bungy jumping but anything else, I am willing to have a go at.

My oft quoted quip is I can do anything as long as it takes less than 5 minutes.

Some of my adventures involve raising money for charities, which is always good for the soul. The most significant of which was trekking Kokoda in 2012 to raise funds for Cure Cancer Australia and I am proud to say our team combined raised $65.000. These funds were used to fund a researcher for 9 months. October 2013 was the inaugural Oxfam Trailwalker in Perth which is a 4 person team event that involves walking 100 kms in 48 hours over challenging terrain. Though our team of four did not complete the entire event for one reason or another we raised valued funds to support the work of Oxfam, internationally. My most recent adventure was Abseiling off the QVI building to raise funds for Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth.

Whilst other adventures and challenges are simply for personal growth or the challenge of confronting a long held fear or belief. I enjoy obstacle racing which I do with my youngest son’s girlfriend for the challenge, plus it is a bonding experience for Jodi and I. An added benefit is the camaraderie that develops with other competitors who are strangers prior to the race.  No-one thinks twice about offering a hand, a push, leg up or simple word or words of encouragement if they see that someone needs help, without a word except thank you being exchanged.

My holidays are never passive and involve some challenge, activity or activities because that is what I find relaxing. Such holidays are not suitable for everyone in my age bracket due to health, fitness or taste, which is okay. What is important is to have belief in yourself that anything is possible. The only limitation we have is our mind.  Chose something that is out of your comfort zone and start working towards achieving it. Encourage a friend to join with you as this makes training more enjoyable, less arduous and you have someone to share the success with.

My next major planned adventure is trekking Kokoda for Anzac Day 2017. This time we will be travelling from Ower’s Corner to Kokoda as we have already trekked from Kokoda to Ower’s, both directions involve different challenges. Thanks Ben for putting out the challenge on Anzac Day 2016, not sure if you expected anyone to take you up on it. Over the coming months I will be writing blogs on my preparation and that of my team mates.  Future adventures in the planning stages are doing a 200 km section of The Camino by bike and walking, trekking part of the Ho Chi Minh trail in Vietnam and the Cinque Terra in Italy.

My ideal holiday would be cruising the canals of Europe on a barge whilst I complete my autobiography.

Looking forward to sharing my adventures and travels with you.

Regards Beverly

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