Ten Pin Bowling 101

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Do you want a fun activity that gets you out of the house and exercising indoors out of the wind, rain and cold? Ten Pin Bowling is fun, inexpensive and suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The vibe and atmosphere is pumped with music videos on several large screens. Most centres offer three games for the price of two and included in the price is shoe and ball hire.

The objective of the game is knock down the ten pins. either with one ball or two balls.    A game consists of ten frames and the bowler has two balls to knock down as many pins as they can in that frame. For a detailed insight into the intricacies and rules of ten bowling follow this link.  http://goldpinbowling.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Tenpin-Bowling-Made-Easy-V1.pdf

As to why Jill and I enjoy our bowling sessions can simply be explained by saying it is fun. We get to laugh, joke and dance to the music that is pumping out of the sound system. Are we getting better week by week? Definitely no. I say that the only consistency with our bowling is our inconsistency. How is that we can get a strike, followed by a strike, followed by a spare and the next two balls end up in the gutter. It isn’t even frustrating as we don’t take it seriously, we just enjoy the time together and being able to do some exercise (though not strenuous) inside in the warmth during winter. Last week I tried the ball Jill was using and as I pulled the ball back behind in preparation of bowling it flew off my fingers and hurtled backwards.

Some people think bowling is lame, try it you may end up surprised.









Personal Training 27.6.16


Great way to start of the day with PT, Dan and James have been at the gym for a few hours and as usual they are in fine form and pumped.

Warm Up

Frog Jumps what in the hell are Frog Jumps? Surprise, surprise they are actually as they sound, that is  squatting in a frog like position and hopping the length of the gym and back for 20 jumps. Followed immediately by 20 crab crawls and then 20 spiderman crawls. Yep down on the ground just like spidey (think I am playing with my friend’s grandson Felix). Puffed after this exertion I think a minute break before we get stuck into the real session, however had to repeat everything again.

Progressive overload step ups and Kick Pyramid. 

Kicking into pads with right leg x 2, Right foot on a high box and stepping up with left leg x 2 whilst holding a 10kg medicine ball at chest height, kicking into pads with left leg x 2, left foot on a high box and stepping up with right leg x 2 whilst holding a 10kg medicine ball at chest height, increasing by 2 reps after each set up to 10 reps. One minute break and then working down decreasing by 2 reps with each set.

Pump  Bar Drop Sets

5kg Bar 20 reps of each of the following Military Press, Squat Press and Floor Wipes. Floor wipes involved lying on the floor holding the bar overhead with straight arms, legs raised up and dropping to either side (failed this one and just did leg raises instead).  Squat Press involved squatting and then raises the bar overhead. Increase to 10kg bar and repeat the same exercises but 16 reps this time. Increase to 15kg bar, repeat same exercises with 12 reps which is difficult at the weight. Increase to 20kg bar with same exercises with 8 reps.

Boxing Sprint/Core

I was either too slow or there were too many exercises today as no time to complete any of these in the 45 minute session.

100 punches with 20 step ups

80 punches with 20 leg raises

60 punches with 20 walking planks

40 punches with a 1 minute plank

Disappointed as I like planking and punching routines.

Thanks James for another challenging session http://www.ringfit.net.au/





Energy Healing Workshop 25.6.16

Energy Healing Workshop Saturday 25.6.16

Thrive Wellness Centre which is where I go for Yoga classes is very innovation and proactive in promoting health and wellbeing through a range of complimentary holistic therapies and practices. The owner Bryan Carver has put together a team of health care professionals who work collaboratively to help their clients achieve optimum fitness and wellness. Services include Chiropractic, Naturopathic, Acupuncture, Remedial Massage, Yoga, Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Fitness and Pilates. All staff are warm and welcoming and all services I have tried have been very professional and beneficial to my overall health and wellbeing.

A Clinical Hypnotherapist Tony has recently joined the team of practitioners at Thrive. Tony also practices Energy Healing and is currently running a series of Energy Healing Workshops, so I attended the workshop this afternoon.

I am no stranger to the practice of Energy Healing as I did a Reiki level one course over 20 years ago. Typically I am sceptical about such things, but with energy healing and Reiki I experienced and felt the energy from my session.

To quote from Thrive Wellness’s website “A typical energy healing session, will involve clearing, cleaning and repairing one’s energy fields and energy centres (chakras), while optimizing them to prepare you to move forward with life. The Energy delivers and engages at any or all of the levels of the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies. One may typically expect the following outcomes:

Shifts and releases with regards emotional issues, blockages, life issues and / or changes in thinking patterns and cognitive behaviour

  • A greater awareness in understanding yourself further, rediscovering yourself and your path in life
  • An awakening to a higher level of consciousness and spirituality
  • A deeper connection with the Divine, Higher Self & potentially shifting or raising one’s vibrational levels
  • Addressing of physical ailments, issues, pain”

We were welcomed by Tony upon arrival in the Yoga ante room and gathered mats, bolster and yoga blanket and entered the Yoga room. Today we had a small group of 3 people, one of whom was Bryan the principal of Thrive. Larger groups can build up more energy to be shared by the group but I was happy it was only a small group for our first session as we all had our body’s needs attended to by Tony’s energy.

The session was very therapeutic, relaxing and meditative. Looking forward to the next session.

Beverly Clarke





Hula Hooping

Hula Hooping

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Are you looking for a fun alternative aerobic exercise that will unleash your inner child? Hula hooping may be just what you have been looking for.

Hula hooping will provide similar results to other types of aerobic exercise such as dancing without the impact on your knees and other joints. An average woman can burn 165 calories in 30 minutes of hula hooping, whilst an average man can burn approximately 200 calories in 30 minutes of hula hooping.

It is essential to use a hula hoop that is the right size for you. The hoop should reach somewhere between your waist and mid chest when it’s resting vertically on the ground. The weight of the hoop is up to you. The smaller and lighter the hoop, the more energy it takes to keep the hoop going. But the bigger and heavier the hoop, the easier it is to keep going, which means you may be able to do it for a longer period of time. You can experiment with different hoops to see which kind and size you prefer.

My preference is a weighted hula hoop as I feel that I get a better work out with it as it takes more effort to keep it rotating and around your waist because of the weight. I have a 1kg and a 1.5 kg weighted hoop and initially I found that I would get extensive bruising around my waist until I got used to the weight. This is not unusual when you start hooping.

Hooping is a complete core workout. Regular hooping will define your waist, strengthen your stomach muscles whilst enabling you to burn fat in the often problematic areas. In fact hooping burns visceral fat, which is the hardest fat to get off as we get older and the most detrimental to the heart. Hooping is an intense workout for your entire body particular your heart.

Another benefit of hooping is that it improves your spine and flexibility. To keep the hoop up and moving requires a significant range of motion for your spine. Hooping requires you to make rhythmic rocking movements both forwards and backwards and shifting of your weight from leg to leg. If you are right handed it is natural to hoop to the right whilst left handed to the left. As you become more proficient with your hooping you can hoop to your non dominant side thus engaging both sides of your brain. It is important to hoop both clockwise and anti-clockwise as hooping is an asymmetric exercise which means it is working only one side of your body.

One of the most beneficial side effects of hooping beside the physical fitness benefit is the sense of joy and happiness. It is an activity that encourages others to join in with you and a hooping session always results in a lot of laughter and frivolity.

  • Start out slowly and build up as it takes time to learn how to keep the hoop rotating.
  • It is important to keep your back straight and to have good posture. Having good posture allows better rotation of the hoop.
  • The hoop must be placed firmly against your back before your start to hoop.
  • Don’t rotate your hips

Most major cities now have hula hooping classes either indoor or outdoors and they often sell hula hoops they have made. Approximate cost of a hoop is upwards of $50 for standard hoops with weighted hoops being available only online. I purchased my weighted hula hoops from http://fithoop.com.au

I teach a number of my employees and clients to hoop and it doesn’t take long for them to become proficient and to start to learn different tricks. It is fun to add more than one hoop and learn to work the hoop down your body. As with most exercises it takes time, patience and practice but hooping is lots of fun.

Check with your doctor before using any kind of hula hoop if you have medical concerns, especially a history of back problems. And as with any physical activity, stop hula hooping and consult your doctor if you develop pain or other symptoms.




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Walking is the simplest, most accessible form of exercise and should be within everyone’s capabilities. Walking is low impact, requires minimal equipment, can be done at any time of day or night and can be performed at your own pace. You can get out and walk without worrying about the risks associated with some more vigorous forms of exercise. Walking is also a great form of physical activity for people who are overweight, elderly, or who haven’t exercised in a long time.  If you have any concerns or a pre-existing medical condition, please check with your Doctor before embarking on your new exercise regime.

No special equipment is required and walking is free with many added health and wellbeing benefits. If you haven’t exercised for a while start off with a simple 30 minute walk around your neighbourhood and build up from there. You will improve or maintain your overall health by increasing your cardiovascular fitness, strengthen your bones, reduce excess body fat and tone your body among other health benefits. Your risk of developing health conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and some forms of cancer will be reduced.

Irrespective of how busy we think our lives are or whether we think we don’t have time to include exercise into our schedules, everyone should be able to fit a 30 minute walk into their schedule.  You should walk at a “brisk” pace which means you can still talk but will not be breathless.

I rode my bike to my local nail technician a couple of weeks ago and my technician was talking to me about exercise. The lady next to me was morbidly obese and said to me I was lucky that I could exercise and she expressed she didn’t know where to start. I suggested she start off by walking around her neighbourhood block for example with a 10 to 15 minute walk morning and afternoon and build up from there. We only fail if we don’t try and continue to make excuses for maintaining the status quo. I am uncertain whether or not she took it on board as she made a number of excuses as to why she couldn’t start.

We are fortunate in Australia to have access to numerous nature reserves, bushland, beaches, rivers and parks to walk in and our suburban areas have good footpaths to walk on.

Whilst 30 minutes of exercise will maintain and improve your overall fitness, you need to exercise for longer if your aim is to lose weight and keep it off.

Walking for fun and fitness isn’t limited to strolling by yourself around local neighbourhood streets. There are various clubs, venues and strategies you can use to make walking an enjoyable and social part of your lifestyle.  It is amazing how quickly the kilometres build up if you are walking with a friend or group of friends. My girlfriend Jill and I have been known to walk up to 12 kilometres each way to go out to dinner.

There are numerous applications on modern mobiles to measure distance covered, calories burned etc. that encourage and motivate people in their exercise endeavours. It is a good idea to have a pedometer to measure your movement throughout a day and compare it to other days or to recommended amounts for your age and ability. This may motivate you to move more and set goals. The recommended number of steps accumulated per day to achieve health benefits is 10,000 steps or more.

Our bodies tend to get used to physical activity, so continue to increase your intensity as you are able to improve your fitness levels. You can increase the intensity of your walks by:

  • Walking up hills or over rougher terrain.
  • Walk with a backpack containing a brick
  • Walk with hand weights
  • Walk at a brisker pace
  • Do longer walks a couple of times a week.
  • Train for challenge such as the Trailwalker for Oxfam, or to do part of an iconic walk such as the Cape to Cape in Western Australia or The Great Coastal walk in Victoria or any of the amazing walks in any of the Australian states.

You need to warm up by walking at a leisurely pace so your muscles have time to warm up and once you have warmed up you need to increase your speed to a level you are comfortable with. It is important to do some stretching exercises to stretch your leg muscles at the completion of your walk. Each stretch should be held for 20 seconds and you should target your calves and thighs.

It is essential to wear comfortable lightweight clothing and appropriate footwear. Ill-fitting or the wrong footwear can cause blisters, foot or shin pain and even injuries to soft tissue. Always take adequate water to avoid dehydration and drink plenty of fluids pre and post walk.

Personal Training Ring Fit 20.6.16


Start of the session with being told to grab a broomstick. No we are not going to jump the broom stick but use it to stretch the shoulders. Broomstick held out in front with hands spread as wide as possible, arms straight, raise broomstick up and over head and down back by 20. Football runs is simply legs apart & slightly squatting and running on the spot.

Choices are always good, not normally a feature of my PT sessions so the choice between a tuck jump or a burpee was a treat. This was combined with a rope pull for the drop set. 20 Tuck jumps and rope pull by 10. The rope pull involves James holding onto one end of a rope and providing resistance whilst I have to pull him towards me over a distance of approximately 6 metres. Doesn’t sound much but do it 10 times and it certainly works your arms and upper body. 16 Tuck Jumps and 8 rope bulls, followed by 12 Burpees and 6 rope pulls.

A well earned breather for 1 min and it was gloves on time which had to be left on for planking. 200 straight punches, 1 min plank, 150 straight punches, 45 sec plank, 100 straight punches & 30 sec plank, 50 straight punches and 15 sec plank.

Bosu ball which is the piece of equipment James is standing perfectly balanced on holding the sign. Sitting on the bosu ball with legs crossed and raised off the ground Russian Twists for 30 seconds. 20 pushups with hands holding onto bosu ball and core balanced. Standing on the Bosu ball with feet wide apart for balance 20 squats, Russian twists for 30 seconds. These four exercises were repeated 3 times.

Finished off the session with 10kg Pump Bar and 7 metre sprints diagonally across the gym. Squat press which is holding the pump bar squatting and then raising it overhead. 20 Squat presses, 10 sprints, 18 squat presses, 9 sprints, 16 squat presses and 8 sprints, 14 squat presses and 7 sprints, 12 squat presses and 6 sprints and finally 10 squat presses and 5 sprints.

Another tough session over time to head home. Thanks James for an interesting challenging session.




Personal Training 17.6.16

Ring Fit 17.6.16

After being late for Monday’s session I made sure I was early today. Did a 10 minute warm up on the exercise bike instead of sitting around waiting. First up today was a 5 min warm up on the rowing machine with the last 1 min being a sprint.

Power bag hop involved hopping or jumping over 5 bags which were placed evenly along the floor with 10 Burpees either end. A minute break in between each set and repeated 3 times.

100 hundred straight punches followed by 20 pop squats and I was told that the pop squats had to be continuous not stop start which I had done previously. Was stopped a couple of times during the repetitions of these as I wasn’t doing it properly. This sequence continued thus: 80 punches 18 pop squats, 60 punches 16 pop squats, 40 punches 14 pop squats, 20 punches 12 pop squats. Have to confess I was stopped a couple of times during the boxing as I was slapping at the pads not hitting them correctly. Arms do get tired but must  be done correctly.

Inverted pull ups sounded interesting but also suggested this could be challenging. Inclined pushups were fine but the inverted pull ups were impossible as I simply didn’t have the necessary upper body strength. Solution was to do 10 inclined pushups for each set instead.

Finished up with 20 leg raises in my own time as the session was over.

Thanks James for another challenging session. However exercise wasn’t over for the day as I have a self imposed rule that if the weather is fine I don’t drive somewhere that is less than 10kms from my house. I either walk or ride so I rode to and from my hairdressing appointment and on the trip home decided to ride along the river bank as more interesting and scenic than the main road.



Walking 15.6.16

Awake early waiting for day break so I can get up and walk around the island near my house. I am fortunate to live on a Marina in a fairly secluded suburb close to the City and we have a 25 hectare island which has been created out of I think an old rubbish site. Lots of bird life both on and off the water. I wish people would learn not to feed the marine birds bread as it pollutes the water and is not a natural food source for them.

Cold, brisk morning with fog and mist over the river. Walking is a simple exercise that anyone can do irrespective of their fitness level, just start small by putting one foot in front of the other and build up distance day by day. Always good to start the day,  saying hello to fellow walkers, especially so if you live alone. I stopped and spoke to a former neighbour who has recently moved a few streets away. It doesn’t take long to start to warm up especially if you walk a little faster, see a couple of brave souls padding kayaks on the river.  I decided to do a longer walk by walking around the Marina and along the path that runs parallel to Great Eastern Hwy because I wanted to walk up the steep hill.

After arriving home I needed to go into my business and was going to ride my bike the few kilometres however tyres were flat and as my pump wasn’t working (perhaps I don’t understand how to work it) so wheeled my bike to the bike shop and they pumped them up. Went into work for about an hour and rode home. Nice morning enjoying the sunshine. Love these fine winter days.


Beverly Clarke

River fog 15.6.16Spider's webFog 15.6.16

Personal Training 13.6.16


PT Session 13.6.16


Personal Training 13.6.16

For someone who was awake at 5am, arriving at PT on time should have been easy. It would have been if I didn’t decide to do my grocery shopping before. Needless to say peak hour traffic and miscalculation of distance meant I was almost 15 minutes late. Despite having sent a text saying I was stuck in traffic, I still got a good natured telling off and I was prepared to do a shorter session however not an option.  Was wishing I could cut it short when James went through the “winter warmer” PT session and saw it ended with Kettle Bell exercises.

First up was a warm up, commencing with “Rope Hop” which involves jumping with two feet together from one side of a rope to the other along the length of the rope. It is not acceptable to jump from side to side on the spot, bugger that would have been easier.  100 jumps is a big ask but you need to be challenged and challenge yourself, immediately followed up by 20 lunges. No break before 75 Rope Jumps and 18 lunges, 50 jumps and 16 lunges.

Now for the fun part which is boxing followed by the less fun part Burpees. A simple combination of two punches cross, jab by 20 = 40 punches, 16 burpees. Straight into a combination of cross, hook, cross by 20 = 60 punches, 60 mountain climbers. Now with mountain climbers it is impossible to stop your t-shirt from riding up so vanity goes out the window. Already sweating despite it being cold outside and no heating within this boxing gym.  Jab, cross, hook, cross x 20 = 80 punches, Leg raises by 60, this exercise really works the lower abs. Last set before a 2 minute break and drink of water. Cross, hook, cross, uppercut and cross x 20 followed by step ups to a high step by 20. Second time through the  routine but only 10 reps on each boxing sequence and alternate exercise 12 Burpees, 40 Mountain Climbers, 40 leg raisers and 16 setups. Less reps = 1 minute break. Third time through boxing routine only 5 reps (don’t like this as you only start and you are finished) not allowed to remove my gloves before tackling the alternate exercises. This is a bit challenging except for the leg raises as putting your hands under your hips raises the hips and bingo the exercise is fluid and a snap.

By now people are starting to come in for the group class and I get to finish without doing any of the Kettle Bell exercises. I am not a fan of Kettle Bells but would have liked to finish all components of the session.

Thanks James for another fun session, promise I won’t be late again. www.ringfit.net.au


Beverly Clarke

Personal Training 10.6.16

RINGFIT 10.6.16


Cold wet start to the day this morning, however within ten minutes of starting my PT session I was sweating. Tough session as usual aptly titled Challenge Yourself which involved 9 different activities which were timed for 1 minute each activity. The aim was to do as many repetitions as possible within the time to establish a baseline. Second go through you had to equal or better the previous time or penalties of the dreaded and much feared Burpee would apply at the end of the sessions.

Boxing Combination which involved a left punch, right punch, left hook and right punch. Very consistent between both sets so no penalty.

10kg squats and I was reminded that he expected proper squats (a trifle difficult as I had completed a 2 hr hill hike on Thursday so legs were still caning). Beat the first time round by 8 in the second set. No praise just told I had slacked off first time.

15kg floor wipers sent my mind into overdrive however, was simply lying on my back holding a 15kg weighted bar erect whilst doing leg raises, must have slacked off in second set as result was a penalty of four.

Kettle Bell squats with 10kg kettle bell. Ouch I absolutely hate kettle bells but managed 30 first set, however on the second set I stopped at 10 which resulted in the recording of a fail or forfeiture not sure which. Doesn’t matter outcome was the same maximum penalty of 5.

Straight Punches always gets the heart rate up and pumping. 144 punches first go through and beaten by 3 on second round. No credit though against accrued penalties.

Rowing Machine great cardio and in fact best machine to work the entire body. Just shy of benchmark from round one resulting in 1 penalty in second set.

Walking Plank for those that find normal planking difficult this modification is a real challenge. Plank position on forearms and you must first bring one hand up and place onto the ground and then the other, both must be deliberate moves. First go round found having towel under me caused me to slip so of course did better on the second round. No penalty.

Jumping Squats – ouch and more ouch to my poor legs. No penalties though

Shuffle Sprint to finish off the set. I quite enjoy sprints however my slowing down resulted in one penalty.

Finished off the session with Nine Burpees.

Thanks to James my personal trainer at RingFit for another interesting challenging session. www.ringfit.net.au

Beverly Clarke