Male Perspective

Aussie BlokePrimarily this site was intended to give women a voice, direction, support, motivation and encouragement during this exciting chapter of their lives. After showing the site to a few male friends, colleagues and business acquaintances and listening and taking on board some of their more constructive and beneficial comments, I realised it made sense to be inclusive by adding a menu item simply titled “Male Perspective”. They expressed a desire to be able to reply to some of the blogs, to be able to contribute blogs within the existing framework or blogs that involved that unique male perspective. Perhaps we will gain an understanding of what changes are occurring in their lives leading up to and extending into their sixties and beyond and how those changes, feelings and views impact upon and affect our lives.

One of the first blogs that will be published is being written by a friend of mine and will be a candid and open discussion about his diagnosis and treatment for prostrate cancer. As women I think it is important that we are aware, educated and informed in respect to prostrate cancer for a number of reasons.

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