About Me

Rock Candy Photo 1Welcome to Sensational Sixty. I am a vibrant, fit, active, intelligent and adventurous woman who just happens to have turned sixty or 61 to be precise. To date I have lived an interesting life, experienced joy, obtained success both professionally and personally, fallen in and out of love, faced adversity and challenges head on and I am richer from my experiences both good and bad. I feel that my children are the true measure of my success in life and I am proud of the men they are today.

I believe that our sixties can be the best years of our lives. The aim of my website and blogs are to share my experiences during these special years with women in a similar age bracket. I am not saying that I have the perfect life or I always make the right decision but I approach life with gusto and enthusiasm and always look for the positive in all situations.

I look forward to sharing my adventures, travels and life experiences with you and for you to share yours with me.



Regards Beverly