Ten Pin Bowling 101

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Do you want a fun activity that gets you out of the house and exercising indoors out of the wind, rain and cold? Ten Pin Bowling is fun, inexpensive and suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The vibe and atmosphere is pumped with music videos on several large screens. Most centres offer three games for the price of two and included in the price is shoe and ball hire.

The objective of the game is knock down the ten pins. either with one ball or two balls.    A game consists of ten frames and the bowler has two balls to knock down as many pins as they can in that frame. For a detailed insight into the intricacies and rules of ten bowling follow this link.  http://goldpinbowling.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Tenpin-Bowling-Made-Easy-V1.pdf

As to why Jill and I enjoy our bowling sessions can simply be explained by saying it is fun. We get to laugh, joke and dance to the music that is pumping out of the sound system. Are we getting better week by week? Definitely no. I say that the only consistency with our bowling is our inconsistency. How is that we can get a strike, followed by a strike, followed by a spare and the next two balls end up in the gutter. It isn’t even frustrating as we don’t take it seriously, we just enjoy the time together and being able to do some exercise (though not strenuous) inside in the warmth during winter. Last week I tried the ball Jill was using and as I pulled the ball back behind in preparation of bowling it flew off my fingers and hurtled backwards.

Some people think bowling is lame, try it you may end up surprised.