Energy Healing Workshop 25.6.16

Energy Healing Workshop Saturday 25.6.16

Thrive Wellness Centre which is where I go for Yoga classes is very innovation and proactive in promoting health and wellbeing through a range of complimentary holistic therapies and practices. The owner Bryan Carver has put together a team of health care professionals who work collaboratively to help their clients achieve optimum fitness and wellness. Services include Chiropractic, Naturopathic, Acupuncture, Remedial Massage, Yoga, Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Fitness and Pilates. All staff are warm and welcoming and all services I have tried have been very professional and beneficial to my overall health and wellbeing.

A Clinical Hypnotherapist Tony has recently joined the team of practitioners at Thrive. Tony also practices Energy Healing and is currently running a series of Energy Healing Workshops, so I attended the workshop this afternoon.

I am no stranger to the practice of Energy Healing as I did a Reiki level one course over 20 years ago. Typically I am sceptical about such things, but with energy healing and Reiki I experienced and felt the energy from my session.

To quote from Thrive Wellness’s website “A typical energy healing session, will involve clearing, cleaning and repairing one’s energy fields and energy centres (chakras), while optimizing them to prepare you to move forward with life. The Energy delivers and engages at any or all of the levels of the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies. One may typically expect the following outcomes:

Shifts and releases with regards emotional issues, blockages, life issues and / or changes in thinking patterns and cognitive behaviour

  • A greater awareness in understanding yourself further, rediscovering yourself and your path in life
  • An awakening to a higher level of consciousness and spirituality
  • A deeper connection with the Divine, Higher Self & potentially shifting or raising one’s vibrational levels
  • Addressing of physical ailments, issues, pain”

We were welcomed by Tony upon arrival in the Yoga ante room and gathered mats, bolster and yoga blanket and entered the Yoga room. Today we had a small group of 3 people, one of whom was Bryan the principal of Thrive. Larger groups can build up more energy to be shared by the group but I was happy it was only a small group for our first session as we all had our body’s needs attended to by Tony’s energy.

The session was very therapeutic, relaxing and meditative. Looking forward to the next session.

Beverly Clarke